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ViViD Fireworks Delivers Magical Memories with Customized Fireworks Shows

By June 28, 2018February 18th, 2020No Comments

Jamey Fish has devised a way to safely bring all the excitement, color, and spectacle of a professional fireworks display to personal celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and private parties.

Fish is the founder and CEO of Simpsonville-based ViViD Fireworks, which offers a customized fireworks show in a box to virtually anyone who wants to easily add extra excitement to family celebrations. The company touts these pre-packaged pyrotechnics as “custom designed for private parties in smaller spaces.”

With years of experience in the global consumer-products industry and having worked in the fireworks industry since he was 15, Fish paired his marketing and product-development knowledge with his fireworks passion to pursue his lifelong dream.

“I’ve known since I could talk that I was going to be in the fireworks industry — it’s all I ever really wanted to do,” he says.

Fish’s resume includes work for national and international professional fireworks companies on shows such as New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Super Bowl halftimes, and FIFA World Cups. He also worked in a consultant role for Disney, particularly in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

At age 30, Fish decided to jump into corporate America and relocated to Greenville in 2010.

“It was actually a very valuable educational jump because I learned so much more about product development and business strategy,” he said, “but I never lost the passion and this big idea that I’d had since I was a kid for this company that I started.”

With his wife’s encouragement, the small startup produced a crude prototype in 2015.

“Just the prototype itself has taken off way faster than I had anticipated,” Fish says. “We went from one year of a couple of tests here to four states, and then the last few months the demand has actually grown nationally to almost 24 states now across the U.S.”

Fish explains that to incorporate fireworks into personal celebrations, he worked to eliminate the five main concerns of consumers — the danger associated with fireworks, the noise, the aftermath/cleanup, the selection of appropriate fireworks, and the state laws.

ViViD offers its customers a stress-free way to celebrate their events with fireworks. Through the first-ever online show-creator tool, people can visit the website and enter their event details to get a recommended, worry-free fireworks show in a box that’s designed specifically for them.

“It’s really beautiful, it’s professionally designed, it’s safer and easier to use, it’s smartphone-controlled, and it’s actually delivered right to your special event,” Fish says.

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