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Vet-Tab Painless Glucose Validated for Commercial Launch

By June 26, 2018February 18th, 20202 Comments

The Vet-Tab product development team is excited to announce that the Vet-Tab painless glucose test system has passed validation tests to become a commercial product. The product is anticipated to be available for purchase by September 2018.

The chart illustrates the tight correlation of blood glucose determined by the Vet-Tab system relative to results from the leading hand-held veterinary blood glucose meter, AlphaTrak. This is the culmination of thousands of tests conducted since the summer of 2017.

In related tests, the Vet-Tab product development team has validated consistency of results across a variety of different lighting conditions and a number of the most popular models of Android phones.

To learn more about the painless glucose test system, continue reading HERE.


  • joanne reisinb says:

    Do you need a smart phone to do the testing. I don’t have one. Can you monitor yourself at home

    • Christy Ashkettle says:

      Good afternoon Joanne, thanks for your interest in one of our NEXT Companies. You do need a smartphone to analyze the test strip to determine the dogs blood glucose level. We have connected the CEO to you via the email you submitted to us, so that you are able to find out more information regarding their product. Please let us know if you have received it.