VentureSouth recently conducted investment rounds for two startups based in Greenville.

These startups are the 22nd and 23rd companies that VentureSouth has invested in and supported within Greenville.

One of the companies, the startup Offsite, presents a marketplace that permits both website and list owners to share their viewers with advertisers, without having to sell the data of their customers. Offsite was featured as a pitch company at NEXT Venture Pitch 2019. Click here to see their pitch.




The other startup, Zylö Therapeutics, introduces a new drug delivery system that uses nanoparticles. These nanoparticles, called Z-pods™, deliver medication through topical application. Zylö Therapeutics and its founder, Scott Pancoast, has been an integral part of the NEXT ecosystem since its formation.


Read the full story from Upstate Business Journal here 
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