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NEXT mentors provide unbiased, conflict-free, practical, and actionable advice on a long-term basis. MIT’s strict code of ethics ensures a safe, trusting environment for our members.

Our team-based mentorship program is what our members mention most when they talk about how NEXT has helped them. NEXT has partnered with MIT to offer mentorship from highly-experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success — and the ability to translate that success to help others.

What Members & Mentors
Have to Say

I am involved in NEXT's team-based mentor program. I continue to be amazed by two things with my mentors: first, how quickly they can jump into a conversation and immediately have ideas and provide valuable information; second, how ‘invested’ I feel they are in my business. With absolutely no financial gain, I truly believe I have mentors who want to help me succeed and have a true interest in me and what I am doing.

Mark Essex, Founder of NetalyticsVMS Member Since 2015

When my company applied to the VMS program with NEXT, we knew we would have access to very smart and successful people, but we had no idea how much these relationships would help our business. Our mentor group has answered some of our most pressing, difficult questions. The level of trust within our group allows us to tackle issues, get advice, and come up with actionable items that otherwise come only from years of experience. We have a stronger and faster-growing organization as a result of the VMS program.

Keith Shields, Co-Founder DesignliVMS Member Since 2016

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