Greenville, SC, 4/28/2020 — Press Release — uMedMarket is a Greenville based healthcare marketplace startup that has partnered with another Greenville company, Premier Medical Laboratory Services, to utilize their excess testing capacity to bring on-demand, drive-up testing to the Greenville community.

We want to ensure that anyone who wants a test can get an FDA approved COVID-19 test collected with a CDC approved collection method. No symptoms or physician’s order is required

In conjunction with NEXT and Hughes Development, uMedMarket has scheduled drive-up testing for May 9th in the NEXT Innovation Center parking lot located at the corner of South Church Street and University Ridge. This testing will be available for anyone who wants it. The cost of the test is $65 which covers the collection kit, the test itself and the overhead required to administer the test. This cost does not include profit for anyone. At uMedMarket, we see this as an opportunity to serve our community. More testing means more people can get back to their jobs and their lives.

The entire collection process has been designed to maintain social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Tests are purchased online through Collection is not the traditional nasopharyngeal that requires a 6” long swab be inserted through the nose by a medical professional. Rather, our collection method, which has been approved by the CDC, involves swabbing approximately 1.5” inside the nose. This method can be self-administered, and does not require breaking social distancing, though a medical professional will be supervising from 6’ away to verify proper collection. The entire process is completed in the patient’s car, assuring the safety of all involved. Test results will be communicated in approximately 24 hours.

● On demand COVID-19 testing for anyone who wants it

● May 9th at 411 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601 (NEXT Innovation Center)

● $65, non-profit for anyone because testing is a public service

● No one leaves their car, strict social distancing, self-collection under medical supervision

More details are available on uMedMarket’s website here:


About uMedMarket:

uMedMarket is a Medical Services Marketplace founded in Greenville. We are focused on making healthcare shopping easy. We believe the best way to lower healthcare costs is by making shopping easy. We do this by providing great prices and online convenience for medical services. We have a special focus on cash payment for those with High Deductible Health Plans, companies that are self-insured and those without any health insurance. uMedMarket directly negotiates services and prices for individuals and employers such as high cost lab tests, medical imaging and outpatient surgical procedures. We are committed to a transparent, single cash price for medical services that you know before your buy, with no surprise charges later.