Traction & Growth: Turning Your Startup into a Business

By February 9, 2017News

Start-ups are unique because of their ability to scale exceptionally fast. Think about this: of those companies that make up the unicorn club – with a $1B+ valuation – it took them on average only six years to get there! By leveraging technology and honing in on the drivers of their success, these organizations were able to fundamentally change entire industries.

Now, whether or not you have dreams of building a billion dollar company, transforming your startup from just an idea into a successful business means that your company will typically go through three stages – traction, transition, and growth.

Each of these stages requires different priorities that are reflected in different company goals, metrics, channels, teams, and so on.

In the early stages of your startup, you’ll have to manage so many tasks that you’ll often be overwhelmed with what needs to get done. But instead of being paralyzed by what appears like an endless amount of work, know that you really only have one goal: traction.

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