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The Iron Yard is bringing Python to Greenville!

By March 18, 2015February 18th, 2020No Comments


We are excited to announce that The Iron Yard is bringing Python Engineering to our Greenville campus in May and is currently accepting applications for the new class. We are also announcing a $2,000 scholarship opportunity for the new course.

 Why Python?
Python is one of the most powerful languages in the world for web applications, big data, and scientific computing. We decided to bring the program to Greenville to provide another option to prospective web development students.
We’re also extremely happy to announce that we are partnering with Worthwhile, a custom web and mobile development firm in Greenville, to offer a $2,000 discount to one incoming student of the Python course.
“We’re committed to the Python community and thrilled to partner with The Iron Yard to help it grow in Greenville!” says Dan Rundle, CEO of Worthwhile.

To learn more about the program and apply for the May 25 class, visit:

To learn more about the scholarship opportunity, visit:

Code schools aren’t just a big-city phenomenon  

The short, intensive code school model is proliferating. A majority of schools are located in major cities (New York, San Francisco and Chicago). Being in major tech hubs has its advantages and disadvantages: while the markets are larger, they are also more costly, harder to move to and live in, and competition for job-seekers is much more competitive.
We’ve proven that the model can work outside of those major tech hubs. The Southeast isn’t viewed as a tech-driven economy, but our code school has thrived and grown in this region, and in a relatively small city. We believe in the South!

The most successful code schools will be part of a more focused and connected tech ecosystem.

We’re not growing our code school because it’s the business-du-jour. Our path to starting a code school started with building other components of a tech economy in our city. Our first step was creating an accelerator through our relationship with Techstars. After running several classes, graduating successful teams, and attracting capital, our companies began to grow. As they scaled, their number one need was to hire programmers. We started the code school to fill that gap. Now after six Front End Engineering classes at our Greenville location, we embrace the opportunity to work with partners like Worthwhile to help grow another technology in the region. Our favorite part is that everyone at the table wins: our graduates launch successful new careers in technology, companies don’t have to pay inflated big-city salaries, and we’re all building the local economy by growing great companies and higher-salary jobs in Greenville.

About Worthwhile: Worthwhile builds custom web and mobile applications that solve challenges and seize opportunities, and delivers them with no regrets. Based in Greenville, S.C. since 1994, Worthwhile creates software, mobile apps, and websites, and is a worldwide leader in the Python and Django development communities.