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Greenville, SC – Stomagienics, Inc. Partners with VNA Philadelphia to Improve Ostomy Care

Stomagienics, Inc. has partnered with VNA Philadelphia (Visiting Nurse Association) to provide an innovative ostomy patient care process that focuses on improved hygiene and patient dignity during visits. The new process provides better patient outcomes following life-saving ostomy surgery. “We are thrilled and honored to partner with VNA Philadelphia, one of the nation’s most innovative providers of visiting health services, to bring a new standard of ostomy care to patients in home and hospice environments,” said Stomagienics CEO, Bruce Johnson.

This new ostomy care process includes training in improved techniques for better patient outcomes. Studies indicate that over one-third of new ostomy patients experience skin complications during their first 90 days following surgery, often leading to readmission for care. These new techniques involve the use of a pouch replacement cartridge which lowers the risk of skin contact with stoma output and decreases the potential of skin irritation and possible infection.

The new process allows patients who follow the new guidelines during their pouch changes to experience less stress and take the necessary time to clean, treat and dry their skin, leading to healthier peristomal skin and improved quality of life. “Working with Stomagienics helps set VNA Philadelphia apart in our mission to provide compassionate care focused on the needs of our patients and families,” said VNA Philadelphia Senior Vice President, Home Health and Chief Nursing Officer, Dawn King.

To support the new process, Stomagienics and VNA Philadelphia have developed the Ostomy Patient Care Kit and training curriculum to equip visiting nurses with the tools and skills needed to provide a higher standard of ostomy care.

Theresa Johnson, Director of Customer Relations for Stomegienics, adds “Living with an ostomy is challenging and life altering.  Ostomy education and treatment have not changed much over the years.  By partnering with home health organizations, hospitals and individuals, we have been able to move ostomy care into the 21st century.  This is done by teaching new techniques and incorporating products that reduce stress and allow for a more efficient ostomy pouch change.  It is our mission to continue to create revolutionary tools that allow ostomates to live a full, healthy and happy life.”

Ostomy surgery is a life-saving procedure that allows bodily waste to pass through a surgically created stoma into an external pouch or “ostomy bag” worn on the abdomen. Ostomy surgery may be necessary due to birth defects, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and many other medical conditions, and can occur at any age. It does not lower life expectancy but ushers in a “new normal” life experience.
Stomagienics, Inc., founded in 2014, develops medical devices and methods to improve the lives of ostomy patients. Inspired by an invention by ostomy patient and family member Liney Guidry, the company has developed a family of products including the StomaGenie disposable capture cartridge and SecurPress focused on ostomate health and hygiene.
VNA Philadelphia is the oldest and largest non-profit home health and hospice provider in the region and one of the most innovative in the nation. Founded in 1886, VNA Philadelphia is headquartered in the East Falls section of the city and services residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. VNA Philadelphia is Medicare certified, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania, and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). To find out more about VNA, contact us at 215-473- 0772 or visit