Startup Failure: Lessons from a Failed Startup

It’s depressing when your company fails. You might have less money than when you started, a bruised ego, and what feels like a bunch of wasted time. But, if you learn from it, and take what you learned and apply it to your next venture, you will be a thousand times better off than when you started.

Starting a company is incredibly exciting. There’s an amazing sensation the comes along with creating something and sharing it with the world. It’s even better when lots of people are using your product and gaining value from it. What’s not great is when all those feelings and happy product users don’t turn into a viable business. That’s exactly what happened to us.

In 2012, my business partner, Keith, and I started a company called We were best friends from high school and both studying mechanical engineering as sophomores in college. We really didn’t want to do the whole internship thing or work in a big company. That’s also the summer Instagram sold to Facebook for a $1 billion. We kind of looked at each other and said, “damn, why don’t we get into apps?” So that’s exactly what we did.

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