There is a buzz in the air after Sprint announced that Greenville will become the “World’s First Smart City with Curiosity” at the CES trade show in Las Vegas earlier this month.


According to a news release, the City of Greenville will work with Sprint on the installation of massive MIMO technology and dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) network technology across the city.

Many community members are excited about the possibilities a 5g network would bring to the area.

Greenville Mayor Knox White quoted in the release as saying, “Cities used to invest in roads, rails, and airports; the infrastructure of the future to attract investment is digital. Sprint’s Curiosity IoT with mobile 5G is readying cities to attract the business of the future.”

Christy Ashkettle, Director of Communications and Culture at NEXT, says, “In terms of data bandwidth, new technologies will now come to fruition because of increased network capabilities. This will definitely give Greenville a head-start and will continue to attract talent and investment from around the globe.”

She points to one of the NEXT Companies, Zipit Wireless, that is an IoT value-added services provider. She says, “They are focused on cutting edge technology and have partnered with tech giant, Samsung in the wearable device space utilizing LTE-M networks.”

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