Scopestack Announced Partnership with Cisco and TechData

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October 16, 2019, Greenville SC

ScopeStack, an up-and-coming services scoping company, is excited to announce a new partnership with Cisco and TechData to bring their dynamic Scope of Work (SoW) generating platform to 10 new companies around the US.

ScopeStack works by filling a gap between many different platforms that partners use today, such as CRMs and project management solutions, by standardizing project scoping across teams. After working in the IT field for 10+ years, ScopeStack’s CEO and founder Jon Scott noticed that he was spending an inordinate amount of time copying information from one platform to another and manually updating Microsoft Word documents and spreadsheets to generate proposals for clients.

“There was a huge gap in this space prior to ScopeStack,” says Jon. “I felt that if we could build a scalable solution, every partner out there would benefit.”

TechData and Cisco agree, working with Scott and the ScopeStack team to empower their partner companies to use the platform for 6 months at no cost to them. They see the ScopeStack partnership as an investment in their customer’s long term growth.

“Automation is key to our partnership between Tech Data and Cisco, and it is a differentiator for us and our customers,” says Gabby McGee, Distribution CX Lead on the Tech Data team at Cisco. “Investing in and partnering with companies like ScopeStack only adds to the automation ecosystem we are building out for our Cisco partners. Leveraging ScopeStack’s SOW standardization platform coupled with their new customer success functionality will not only improve our partners ability to respond quickly but also ensure that they are demonstrating value for their customers throughout the entire lifecycle.”

“We are excited to see where this partnership takes us,” says Scott. “Our team is thrilled with the opportunity to help these companies implement a more nimble and accurate scoping process with their clients.”

Cisco and TechData are currently offering Cisco partners a program to cover up to 40% of the cost of select ScopeStack plans for 12 months. Cisco partners can contact ScopeStack to learn more about how to take advantage of this offer at

You can learn more about ScopeStack online at, and sign up for a free 30-day trial to see how ScopeStack might fit into your business’s sales process.

About ScopeStack

ScopeStack is redefining the pre-sales process by enabling companies to sell services faster through accurate automation that reduces errors to give you more time to do the things only you can do. The software as a service platform works by integrating sales opportunity and solutions systems into an easy to use platform that automatically generates a scope of work language, provides an internal approval workflow and presents the client with a clean, ready-to-sign document. Founded in 2017, ScopeStack is based in Greenville, South Carolina.

ScopeStack’s Press Contact: Alex Reynolds


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