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Panel gives advice on growth, describes challenges

By December 9, 2014February 18th, 2020No Comments

When Frank Mobley saw a need for a data center services company between Atlanta and Charlotte in 2007, he opened Immedion LLC in Greenville. The company has expanded to Columbia, Charleston, Asheville and Rock Hill, and Mobley today said that, looking back, his advice for entrepreneurs is to have a flexible business plan.

“It has to be somewhat fluid,” Mobley said. “Every entrepreneur likes to lay down that business plan and say, ‘This is how we are going to do it.’ They go out and go to make their first sale, and the prospective customer says, ‘Well, I like that but I need you to do this too,’ and you say that is not in my business plan. You learn quickly to say, ‘Oh, you need babysitting tonight. That’s not a problem at all. We can do that for you, especially if it is $8 an hour instead of $5.’ ”

Mobley said Immedion started when “there wasn’t another data center services company in the state.” He said the company now has 55 employees.

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