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NEXT Networking: Meet the most recent entrepreneurs in our network

By February 16, 2021April 2nd, 2021No Comments

Each month, we feature a brief profile of the ventures who are newly engaged with NEXT. These companies have all been identified as high-growth, high-impact, and are headquartered in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Feb 2021 Edition

BoltAffect provides custom web and app development for business automation, specializing in custom software, software rescue, automation, web & Mobile apps, and marketing.

Visit BoltAffect
Bricolage Dynamics

Bricolage Dynamics is an environmental innovation company whose work consists of multi-stream recycling services, environmental machinery design, green editorials, environmental consulting, and green logistics tech.

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Cogito is a technology company that specializes in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) products and services (they develop technology you can control and move with your brain!)

Visit Cogito Brains
GreenHer LLC

GreenHer is a woman-owned small business and a certified B Corporation specializing in saving the planet, focusing on climate & disaster risk and resiliency for companies as well as providing B Corp certification assistance.

Visit Green Her Consulting
Innovation Dramaturges

Innovation Dramaturges is developing ergonomically designed camera glove for adventure photography.

Stay Tuned for More

PaveLogic is a SaaS company that offers a real-time management solution for pavement assets by equipping its customers with their professionals’ consulting expertise and placing it on the user’s cloud-based custom dashboard.

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Skillz Finder LLC

SkillsFinder is a B2B SaaS company focused on connecting contractors to skilled workers through an intuitive Phone App currently under development. Never before has it been so easy to find the help needed to get the job done!

Visit SkillzFinder
Waite SLTS

Waite SLTS provides cybersecurity services, including auditing, policy, and compliance with innovative methodologies to quickly identify, assess, re-mediate, and improve your cybersecurity.

Visit WaiteSLTS
Yvettes Kitchen

Yvette’s Kitchen LLC is a purveyor of a gourmet multi purpose spaghetti sauce. Lower in sugar and sodium than a lot of sauces in the market, “Sugoi Sauce”, is a game-changer for those in search of low acid foods.

Visit Yvette's Kitchen