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Each month, we feature a brief profile of the ventures who are newly engaged with NEXT. These companies have all been identified as high-growth, high-impact, and are headquartered in the Upstate of South Carolina.

April 2021 Edition

By The People

Co-Founders: Trent Triola and Andrew Newman

By The People is a social platform that collects policy endorsements, tracks actions, supports meetings with officials, and makes collaboration with other groups effortless


Covid Wellness Nurse

Co-Founders: Jerome McClendon and Jordan Gilmore

Given the challenges of an overtaxed healthcare system, our focus has been to make healthcare more accessible for both patients and healthcare professionals by providing mobile health tools that assist in making patient engagement and monitoring more efficient and effective, thus ensuring providers can deliver quality care to a diverse and growing patient population.
Specifically, we have developed the Wellness Nurse, a patient engagement platform consisting of two components: an mHealth app used by patients to assist them in managing their health and a web-based dashboard used by providers to monitor and engage their patients at the population and precision level.


Gideon Global Fitness

Founder: Robert Gideon

A virtual fitness solution that utilizes technology to offer customized exercise programs with nutrition guidance at an affordable cost.  Gideon Global Fitness (GGF) is the answer. GGF is a multifaceted digital fitness service that operates as a virtual gym. We offer a monthly membership that provides personalized fitness coaching, group fitness classes, an online community, and virtual marketplace providing supplements, performance apparel, and fitness equipment.



Founder: Alex Andrews

Junction is a platform where employees can share and view personal and professional interests with those inside their organization. It offers higher quality networking, a personalized employee experience, and an opportunity to celebrate both similarities and diversity within a company.



Founder: Jonathan Fowler

Logicle provides an internal review of your company’s data priorities, as well as the challenges and preferred outcomes for each department. Thus aligning all departmental and organizational goals through comprehensive data analysis and interpretation.


Quick Quick Runner

Founder: Kendrick Alston

Quick Quick Runner is built and designed for all types of customers. For both individuals and commercial businesses, to use for running errands, performing tasks, and offering rides. Payments can be processed through the Quick Quick Runner App. Services will be provided by a dedicated team of individuals from your community, committed to making your life and daily activities easier.



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