NEXT looks to its third location…

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NEXT looks to its third location with the planned Manufacturing Center, a space positioned to help jump-start startups

It’s a tall order, but a yet-unnamed downtown manufacturing center could take a crack at problems that span workforce, economic, manufacturing and community development if everything goes as planned, according to the project’s partners.

Slated for a now-empty industrial space within walking distance of the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail, the project plans to serve as a co-locating space for a handful of high-technology, high-growth manufacturing startups that are caught between needing more than a garage but less than their own building, say the project’s developers Dennis and Russ Braasch of Braasch Building Group.

The development is known generically as the NEXT Manufacturing Center, because of its handshake partnership with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s NEXT program. The manufacturing center will also share the co-locating and business support services philosophy of the NEXT Innovation Center, which banks on the idea that such environments foster innovation, collaboration, support and the sharing of best practices that lead to a healthier, more vibrant business network.

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