Market Sizing & Market Potential

Understanding the market potential for your business is essential to making business decisions that keep your business running between the ditches. Overprojections can lead to overproduction, while underestimations can stifle growth. Before diving into a new market, entrepreneurs and organizations first need market sizing to estimate how much profit they could potentially earn from a new business, product or service.

What This Session Includes

This session will include a review of basic principles all business owners need to know when evaluating the market of their business. Using these principles, this session will by explore the 5 Essential Steps to Estimating Market Size.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

feedback from session participants:

The marketing seminar was great. It wasn’t too detailed and wasn’t too generic. I like how Izzy gave “homework” and it sparked into an opportunity for help crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy plan…very cool service.

Grayson DawsonFounder, HopRobotics

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