Modjoul’s Eric Martinez puts safety first, last, and always

By March 20, 2017Local News

How a Clemson startup plans to reduce workplace injuries with wearable technology

As the former head of claims and operations at New York’s American Insurance Group, Eric Martinez has seen countless cases of unnecessary workplace injuries and fatalities. Now he’s developing wearable technology that could prevent both.

It began when Martinez became disenchanted with the insurance industry last year.

“When you have a job in claims, you see a lot of bad stuff happen. I just needed to get away,” Martinez said. “I spent about a month hiking through South America to really clear my head and figure out my next move.”

While hiking through the mountains of Patagonia in Argentina, that move came to him. “When you’re hiking, all you can do is think. I thought of a wearable belt that could use sensors to prevent workplace injuries, especially back strains,” he said.


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