Meet Digitize: A Model Partner For Makers

By January 22, 2018February 18th, 2020No Comments

Digitize owners Andrew Bougie and Bo Helmrich have served a wide variety of clients since leaving their jobs at a major technology distributor to ride the 3D technology wave and create their own company. Digitize can reverse-engineer and create digital CAD models for new and replacement parts when original drawings aren’t available. They’ve created everything from 3D prototypes and end-user parts to a replica of a gorilla paw. Digitize also sells 3D scanners and software.

Amid the whir of machinery at Greenville’s NEXT Manufacturing facility for manufacturing start-ups, Bougie and Helmrich sat down with SCMFG for a quick chat about where 3D scanning and printing technologies fit in the manufacturing ecosystem.

(Side note, expect SCMFG to keep checking in with NEXT and other manufacturing spaces around the state.)


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