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When Advoco had to move their May 4-6 conference from a downtown GVL conference to a virtual event, CEO Marty Osborn was disappointed they would not be spending money in the city they had planned to spend and how that might hurt the community.


“What we decided to do is take the $15,000 we would have paid Table 301 and give it to them to provide us with boxed meals that we could give out into the community.” With this money, not only is Advoco helping out the less fortunate, but also giving back to Table 301, a treasured member of the local Greenville scene.

Marty Osborn, President at Advoco

“Carl Sobocinski has been fantastic in working with us, and for under $6, we can provide two meals to people: a boxed lunch and a meal to cook. We initially planned to distribute over 5,000 meals over the next 4 weeks.” said Osborn.

The feeding efforts have already been able to provide meals for residents of the Towers East community, the staff of the GHS emergency department, 12 Ronald McDonald families, the staff of the St. Francis emergency department, and more.

With more companies stepping forward and looking to participate, Osborn predicts the group involved will be able to distribute 10,000 meals- double the amount originally planned for. 


Marty is now asking if other companies would like to join the cause. For a small donation of $6K, we can provide 2,000 meals to people in the community like Towers East or other programs. 

NEXT has joined the challenge with a $1,000 donation- and we are challenging our members who are able to do the same to see if we can’t raise $10,000 together as a group.

If you would like to contribute, get in contact with us via this form:

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