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Labcorp-backed Medtech Startup Predicts Outcome Of Cancer Therapies On Tumors

By June 21, 2019February 18th, 2020No Comments

On average, it takes about eight years from the time a potential cancer drug enters clinical trials until it’s approved, according to the American Cancer Society.

But not every drug that’s approved works with every cancer patient. Often doctors must try different therapies on the patient until one is deemed effective.

Saving that time spent on trial and error is the focus of South Carolina startup KIYATEC.

During his Ph.D. research, Matthew Gevaert ran experiments to try to evaluate cells reactions. He had issues with the data coming from 2D cell cultures — cells that are flat on the bottom of a petri dish and “not very accurate to the human body.”

That’s when he learned about 3D cells, and the importance of working with cells that mirror those in the body. He started creating more accurate models of cells to get better data.

“You can produce data that’s orders of magnitude more valuable, and frankly people aren’t doing it like they should,” Gevaert tells Hypepotamus. “There’s a tremendous opportunity to be on the front edge of bringing that kind of data into the world.”

Gevaert initially founded KIYATEC to commercialize the ex vivo 3D cell culture technology he developed. He started testing the market and, to his surprise, companies said they wanted the data versus the cell culture itself.

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