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Kopis celebrates growth on its own terms

By April 10, 2019February 18th, 2020No Comments

Andrew Kurtz prefers to keep moving forward, which is a big reason he and his software company, Kopis, have been highly successful.

However, with the 20th anniversary of the company approaching, Kurtz has taken a little time to look back and appreciate the growth: from 2,500 square feet, eight employees, and $1.5 million in revenue just a decade ago to five times those figures.

“It’s a little mind-blowing,” he said.

Especially when Kurtz, sitting in his office in the NEXT Innovation Center, thinks back on both the humble beginnings and the hurdles he and his team have cleared over the years.

A Furman University graduate, Kurtz tried public accounting for two years and then spent a year as a controller before he and another man started a company that did industrial automation.

In order to help make ends meet, Kurtz began doing software development on a contract basis. By 1999, with software having become his passion and with his partner wanting to grow the industrial automation side, Kurtz sold his portion of the business to his colleague.

Kurtz and two other men started a company then named Proactive Technology. They had only two customers at the time, although the two were BMW and Fluor Daniel.

The company, then in a second-floor office in the Piazza Bergamo downtown, grew quickly. By the middle of 2000, it had 15 employees.


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