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Virtual Reality

Kenzie Biggins was working from home before #WFH was cool

She didn’t go virtual when COVID-19 forced so many of us to suddenly adjust to working from home. That’s because Kenzie Biggins was already there.

This visionary entrepreneur has long believed that sitting in the same physical space is no prerequisite for success. Indeed, #WFH was still years from trending when Biggins founded Worxbee – a company offering virtual executive assistant solutions – in 2013. While the venture has been through a few iterations, including a name change, the core focus has always been building a virtual community that matches skilled executive assistants with senior leadership across a variety of industries.

“My favorite thing about Worxbee is connecting people to meaningful work at a meaningful wage – and allowing them to do it from wherever they want,” says Biggins, who relocated her virtual company from Atlanta to Greenville, South Carolina, to enjoy a more walkable lifestyle with a home office near a buzzy business district. “When people are given the opportunity to work from anywhere, it changes their quality of life.”

What’s more, the Worxbee model offers executives access to the best talent from across the country, regardless where they’re located, and helps them thrive together in a virtual environment.


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