How Greenville’s Stark RFID is revolutionizing sports and entertainment events

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Lance Burnett, CEO of Stark RFID now serves more than 100 sports- and entertainment-focused clients seeking faster gate entry, with tighter control on access, security, fraud prevention and patron identification.

The Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills are just a few NFL teams relying on Stark RFID’s badges, credentials and tags. Two years ago, Clemson University started using the company’s wrist bands for student tickets to deliver real-time attendance numbers in specific sections at Death Valley.

North Augusta native Lance Burnett grew up in the brick industry, meticulously layering knowledge about inventory and operations. But it was during a job with Rockwell Automation that he created a concept as intricate as a tri-tone herringbone.

“I’m an idea guy,” says Burnett, a graduate of Clemson University’s ceramic engineering program. “I saw RFID technology used in a couple of installations and thought that could be cool for the brick industry.”

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. If you think that’s something you’ll never use, think again. Odds are pretty high you’ve held RFID in your hands, if you’ve attended a professional game, concert or event the past couple of years.

By using tickets loaded with a microchip and antenna, organizers were able to monitor fan movements down to the second. They discovered the VIP tent was only 20% full at any given time, which meant they could sell a lot more $600 VIP tickets.

“I looked at it and thought it was pretty cool, but I thought it was just a fad,” Burnett says. “What do they say? It’s better to be lucky than good? That’s all we do now.”

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