Your career plays an important role in your overall happiness. You spend the majority of your day at work, and your job also gives you an outlet to put your talents and skills into action. If you lack the opportunity to fully exercise your strengths on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ll feel unfulfilled. In that case, a new job that allows you to use your talents and skills could increase your satisfaction level. 

Evaluate Whether You Need a Career Change or a Company Change (or Both)

If you feel dissatisfied in your job, there are two variables could be causing the problem. First is the work itself. When the tasks you’re doing don’t fit with your strengths, you’d probably be happier with work that allows you to use your strengths on a regular basis. This may mean staying at the company you’re currently with, but requesting to gradually shift job responsibilities or to work in a different department. 

The other variable is the company you work for. If your personality craves an energetic work environment built on innovation and welcomes non-traditional ways of doing things, you won’t be happy in a corporate environment where change happens at a snail’s pace. Perhaps your work is a great fit, but the company you’re working for frustrates you.

Gain Fresh Energy with a Job in the Startup Community

A job that’s a perfect fit for one person might drive someone else crazy. If you gain energy from implementing new ideas and figuring out better ways of doing things, you may find yourself unhappy in a job that’s built on routine in a company with a highly-hierarchical organizational structure. If you want to be part of a company that’s creating the technology of the future or innovating the way things are done in the industry, you’d probably enjoy a job in the startup community. 

The nature of a startup’s work is to disrupt the status quo and create something better. For this reason, startups have freed themselves from the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. An environment that encourages new ideas and new perspectives may offer you the opportunity to thrive.

Find Greenville Tech Jobs on the NEXT Job Board

The SC Upstate, and the city of Greenville in particular, has a strong history of innovation. When much of the South was betting on the textile industry, Greenville’s leadership saw that going all-in on one industry wasn’t the way to prepare for the future. As early as the 1950s, they began envisioning a more diverse future Greenville. They started laying the foundation for new industries and a wider variety of jobs. Today, the Upstate is known for its strong economy, vibrant startup community, and wealth of jobs.

Many of NEXT’s members are leading that development. Our startups are growing and looking for talent to help them take their companies to the next level. We’re helping them do that with our newly-launched member job board. The job board features a wide variety of job opportunities, including tech jobs in Greenville and the surrounding Upstate area. Our members regularly post jobs ideal for those wanting to be part of an innovative company that’s doing things differently.

Why Greenville?

The Upstate is a beautiful area that has much to offer. Our landscape is lovely and offers an endless variety of outdoor activities for hiking enthusiasts, climbers, and other outdoor adventurers. A diverse community means a plethora of cultural opportunities and experiences. 

The city of Greenville has won features in publications around the nation, attracting people from around the world. And for good reason. Our beautiful city has a wealth of things to offer, from award-winning public parks to top-notch restaurants to shopping opportunities to cultural events and world-renown performances and shows.

A new job may be the path to greater happiness in your work life, and Greenville is a great place to find it.

If you’re looking for a job where you can maximize your strengths in an exciting city with a company that’s shaping the future, check out NEXT’s job board.