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GHS partners with KIYATEC to boost effectiveness of cancer treatments

By December 15, 2017February 18th, 2020No Comments

The Greenville Health System Cancer Institute and KIYATEC, a Greenville-based biomedical company, have announced a new partnership to provide ovarian cancer patients with access to series of diagnostic tests that can indicate how their tumors respond to chemotherapy drugs.

Researchers hope the tests will reduce the need for patients to undergo treatments that may not work or cause pain, according to a press release.

“Human cells are as unique as the patients themselves, so you really need to see the way those cells interact with given drugs to know for certain what treatment will work,” said Matthew Gevaert, CEO of KIYATEC. “By placing each patient’s cancer cells in conditions that mimic the actual human body, we can drill down to drug effect on the cellular level and establish the connection between the results we see in the lab and the response we hope to see in the patients.”

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