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Founder Institute affiliate, developing tool-sharing app

By July 29, 2015February 18th, 2020No Comments

Greenville man developing tool-sharing app

The seed for mobile app HeyNeighbor was planted when Kristian Pflieger needed to get a tree branch off his roof.

He needed a 16-foot ladder to reach the branch, which had fallen during a storm. He didn’t have a ladder. Neither did his neighbors to the left, right or across the street — the only neighbors he knew, “in true suburbia fashion,” he said.
After half a day of searching for (and eventually finding) the ladder, Pflieger sat down and thought, “There has to be an app for this.”

He scoured the App Store and the Internet, but found that no app connecting people to share home improvement equipment existed. Pflieger, an accountant by day, decided he would make one. The app, HeyNeighbor, is currently in development, with a goal of an early 2016 release. It will allow people to rent tools and home improvement equipment based on their location. Users can search for specific tools or browse what’s available near them.

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