Fatsack Founder, Nick Rubio featured in TOWN Magazine.

You know what they say about fish stories. They reel you in with the lure of the implausible, the fantastic, the enviable, the biggest and best. A Texas songwriter, Robert Earl Keen, who always packed Upstate music venues, sings about snagging a five-pound bass—a euphemism for hauling in a big prize, whatever that catch may be.

Nick Rubio has one. “The whole story, it’s such a God thing. I was a basketball player. It’s all I ever did. My goal was to play Division 1 sports. I had four or five offers on the table.”

He was even looking at an opportunity to play alongside a little-known point guard named Steph Curry at Davidson College. But then Rubio played the Carolinas All-Star Basketball Classic in 2008. That’s when that fish got away.

“I was trying to figure out where I was going to go, and I’d been praying, ‘If this is what You want me to do . . . ’ I walked off the court after the game, got in the car, started bawling, crying. I just felt like it wasn’t there.”

What was there was a newfound love of competitive fishing. Next thing you know, an idea caught him. In 2015, he started Fatsack, a sport-fishing app—yes, there’s an app for that.

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