Top 10 Legal Issues with Creating, Providing and Using Software

Software continues to permeate all aspects of business. We all use it. At the same time, software development and technologies are constantly improving. Legal issues are bound to arise in this fast-paced environment. That’s why understanding the risks is important.

  • You can be fined for the way you use software you download for free.
  • You can be fined for selling software you don’t use any longer.
  • Developers can be fined for security holes in their software…

The list goes on. That’s why knowing the latest laws and having a strategy is key for anyone who uses, creates or provides software for business.

From who owns it to IP infringement, from open source to data ownership and risk shifting, join us to learn about the top 10 legal issues involving software and how to avoid them.

Networking, drinks and refreshments will follow the panel discussion, overlooking the beautiful view of downtown Greenville from the 5th floor of ONE Main.

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