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Entrepreneur hopes to capture energy from roads as renewable power source

By April 13, 2015February 18th, 2020No Comments

Energy in motion

Coal, gas, nuclear and… kinetic?
Rising energy costs could mean big gains – and saved lives – using one yet-untapped renewable energy source, according to Greenville-based entrepreneur Jim Nigg.

Nigg – now president and CEO of SC Launch firm Constructis – hopes to pioneer the fledgling kinetic energy industry with a series of patented trunk-sized modules that capture and store lost energy from moving vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. For example, cars slowing down on an exit ramp represent huge amounts of lost energy, he said.

“While it’s not a cure-all… we can continue to push other alternatives,” said Nigg. “I cannot knock solar and wind for their applications, but kinetic has its place.”

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