Ellipsis Technologies Receives SC Launch, Inc. Investment

By March 21, 2019 June 5th, 2019 Press Release

Ellipsis Technologies recently received a $100,000 investment from SC Launch, Inc. The Greenville-based company was accepted into SCRA’s entrepreneurial program, SC Launch, in December 2015 and received the first investment, of $200,000, in March 2016.

Ellipsis Technologies has created Human Presence™, a bot security detection and mitigation service for websites. Unlike typical bot detection methods that require human interaction, Human Presence™ invisibly analyzes human behavior using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms mapping natural site visitor movements to determine if the visitor is a human or a bot. The company’s technology is currently deployed with e-commerce merchants worldwide to improve user experience and ensure that their site is defended against malicious traffic.

Ellipsis Technologies is presented with a big check to celebrate the SC Launch, Inc. investment. From left: Mark Housley, SCRA Regional Manager, John Schulz, Ellipsis Chief Technology Officer, Bob Quinn, SCRA Executive Director, Bill West, Ellipsis Co-Founder and CEO and Jill Sorenson, SCRA Director of Entrepreneurial Programs. (Photo: Business Wire)


“The recent SC Launch, Inc. investment will be used to expand the Human Presence marketing to new app platforms and increase support efforts for existing channels, which include a five-star app for Shopify, a private app for Shopify Plus merchants, a Drupal module, a Magento extension and integrations with Convesio, Centarro and others,” said Bill West, CEO of Ellipsis.


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