Ellipsis Technologies Announces Solution for Shopify Form Spam

Greenville, SC, May 1, 2017–Ellipsis Technologies announces today the release of their Shopify app focused on combating form spam in the Shopify eCommerce environment. The Ellipsis Technologies Human Presence™ app is now available on the Shopify app store: https://apps.shopify.com/ellipsis-human-presence-technology. The app is a web security software technology that enables website owners to validate the presence of human visitors to their sites while flagging and deflecting traffic from automated, and often malicious, “bots.” With the Human Presence™ solution, Shopify users can improve the user experience for human visitors while taking action to prevent form spam and can optionally use the Human Presence API to also prevent site scraping, click fraud and other malicious activity from bots as well.

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