Duck and Recover

By March 20, 2017Local News

The Clemson entrepreneurs behind Recovr help stroke survivors with a video game


For stroke victims, therapy can be physically and mentally exhausting as they repeat the same workouts day in and day out just to regain their ability to complete the simplest of tasks, such as picking up a pencil.

But Clemson’s Recovr Inc. is turning physical therapy into a game, not a chore.

Five years ago, Austen Hayes, then a graduate student at Clemson University’s College of Engineering and Science, and Larry Hodges, a computing professor, teamed up and created the computer game “Duck, Duck, Punch.”

The game aims to improve the arm mobility of stroke patients, who sit or stand in front of a television or computer and hit rubber ducks as they go by on the screen. When patients reach out, a virtual arm on the screen knocks down the ducks, earning them points.


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