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Designli’s Keith Shields featured on Forbes List of 10 Entrepreneurs’ Most Important Early Business Decisions

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Keith Shields, a founding partner at upstate software and custom app company, was featured in an article posted by Forbes this week.

The article outlines 10 pieces of advice from members of the Young Entrepreneur Council on their most important early business decisions.

Joshua Tucker and Keith Shields Photo Courtesy of William Crooks (Upstate Business Journal)

Keith’s advice tells the story of how he and his business partner, Joshua Tucker, came to found Designli as a service provider specifically aimed at helping startups, like themselves, after they came to find a gap in the market for quick, reliable developers for their own venture.

Keith Shields’ Advice on Pivoting To Fill A Gap In The Market

The most important decision made during the first few years of my company was whether or not to pivot to an entirely different business model. We started out running a “crowdsourced app idea competition,” with our eyes set on a business in a hyper-growth space, trying to find the formula for launching a consumer-facing app that would be the next Instagram or Snapchat.

During operation, though, we found a more tangible and immediate need in the market: Startups (like us) didn’t know where to turn to find reliable and relatable developers to help with their software projects.

We decided to become that agency we wish we could have found and pivot into a services model. Since professional services are somewhat looked down upon by those in the extremely scalable product-startup world, this was an incredibly hard decision to make. But we knew we could solve a real need and do so very quickly, leading to a profitable business right away—and this allowed us to jump into making the change. – Keith Shields



Read the full article featuring other members of the Young Entrepreneur Council on Forbes here.


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