Damien Stevens balances risk-taking with learning — and some luck along the way

The Servosity chief discusses hard work, risk, and reward.

Damien Stevens was 14 when his grandmother bought him his first computer. He had combed the local newspaper ads and classifieds and eventually found one they could afford. When his grandmother came to visit a week later and see how he was enjoying it, she was shocked at what she found: pieces of the computer strewn across the small living room in their Spartanburg apartment.

“She was horrified,” he laughs.

The 14-year-old, who tore a computer apart so he could figure out how it worked, is not that far removed from the 38-year-old entrepreneur who sees voids and tries to fill them, whether he knows anything about them or not. Steven’s personal journey is a precarious, but successful balance between risk-taking and a passion for learning — and trying — new things.


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