Chris Manley, Engenuis CEO, on Why Facebook Struggles to Engage Users

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Chris Manley, CEO of Greenville digital marketing agency Engenuis, contributed a guest article to the Upstate Business Journal regarding the recent struggles of Facebook and the effect of decreased engagement on marketing.

Why is Facebook struggling to engage users? Here are three likely culprits:

  • Negativity
    Gallup has actually been tracking world negativity through its Negative Experience Index for over a decade. Not all social media is suited for such sharing, but Facebook is. Users are spending less time on platforms that increase their worrying, anger, and stress.
  • Trust
    If secrets can’t be kept, we begin distrusting those that leak our secrets. In the wake of concerns over how Facebook is using our data intentionally (not from breaches), it has created distrust among many for using the social media platform.
  • Real Life
    There’s a growing movement called “Offline October,” started by two dozen or so teens from Heritage High School in Colorado, aiming to reduce how much time teens spend on devices. They were concerned about the growing number of teen suicides and potential links to social media use. Teens typically spend nine hours a day on their phones, check their phones 157 times a day, and see 208 Snapchats a day. They’re hoping that, by pledging to give up social media and devices for a month, teens will have more face-to-face conversations.


Read the full feature from the Upstate Business Journal here.


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