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ChartSpan Android ranking Press Release

By May 15, 2015February 18th, 2020No Comments

Monday, May 11, 2015

Contact: Armen Allahverdian, VP Marketing
713.894.0325 or

Patients Across America Have Spoken! ChartSpan Is #1 New Medical App.

Greenville, SC – ChartSpan, a consumer platform for patients managing healthcare records,
has become the number #1 downloaded new Android medical app in the United States, just
two days after its launch in the Google Play App store.

ChartSpan is an Apple and Android app empowering consumers with the ability to request,
manage and send electronic healthcare records. The product was built by a group of
innovative entrepreneurs who grew tired of waiting for the healthcare system to deliver on the
promise of universal access to electronic patient healthcare records.

ChartSpan is a free, encrypted and secure app empowering patients with the ability to control
and centralize their entire family’s healthcare information and records from their mobile device.
ChartSpan gives patients the ability to create personal medical profiles, request records from
physicians, send records to anyone, as well as store and maintain electronic copies of their
healthcare records, including immunization, medical, dental, vision, prescription, medication,
x-rays and lab results. Using ChartSpan, a lifetime of healthcare records can be requested
from a doctor in a matter of seconds.

“As the healthcare industry attempts to achieve interoperability we forgot that the paying
customer is the patient,” said ChartSpan CEO & cofounder Jon-Michial Carter. “We’ve never
lost sight of that at ChartSpan. We built the most powerful data conversion technology in the
world and put it in the hands of patients. Our ascension to the top of the App Store charts
proves the desire patients have to manage their own healthcare information and records,
without depending on providers.”

Prior to the Android app release, ChartSpan launched its free iOS app in Q4 of
2014,becoming the #1 iPhone and iPad medical app in the United States in less than two
months. ChartSpan will add a desktop web version to its Patient Platform in the next 30 days.

About ChartSpan:
To learn more about ChartSpan, please visit To download the
ChartSpan App, please visit the Apple App Store. For more information about ChartSpan, or
to schedule an interview with ChartSpan CEO, Jon-Michial Carter, please contact Armen
Allahverdian at 713.894.0325 or email him at