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Bricolage Dynamics is one of the US’s latest environmental ventures, having chosen to tackle a market that has long remained dormant and under the control of the public sector, the residential recycling market.


At the beginning of 2018, China stopped buying the world’s dirty recyclables leaving the US, as well as Europe and Australia, in a bind to find viable solutions and buyers for their previously recycled materials turned landfill waste. Enter Bricolage Dynamics.

Bricolage specializes in lean and sustainable supply chain practices, with founder and president Zebulon Parsons having worked in the supply chain industry in places such as the US, Germany, Ireland and Australia. Parsons brings much-needed supply chain innovation to the table and the business reflects this. Having entered the market in Greenville, SC, the obvious local recycling need was a solution for their residential glass waste.

Over the last year and a half, Bricolage has set up an independent supply chain using an Uber-style pickup service to pick up and transfer Greenville’s glass to processing facilities, where it is transformed into various forms of sand. The sand is used locally in public projects, construction, and landscaping, having additional uses in roads, concrete, filtration, and sandblasting.

In 2020, Bricolage diverted over 15+ tons of residential glass from local landfills.

Bricolage’s innovative end-to-end supply chain service has already garnered national attention, having beat out over 842 companies from over 85 countries to secure a spot with Fledge, Seattle, the conscious company accelerator. This opportunity has come with investment and mentorship putting Greenville, SC on a watch list of cities leading the way in residential recycling innovation.

Visual of the Fledge Startup Accelerator Participants

In terms of the future Bricolage, the company is applying to an increasing number of business accelerators, both nationally and internationally, having already received additional interest in their supply chain and logistics solutions within the residential recycling space. Bricolage is pioneering the future of recycling in the US, right out of Greenville, SC. The future is lean: fewer trucks, fewer facilities, and more closed-loop solutions.

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