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Base, the first-ever platform built for assistants, launches a free plan to support assistants worldwide

By September 23, 2020October 1st, 2020No Comments

There are 8.5M assistants in the U.S., U.K., and AUS alone, and until Base, there was no dedicated platform to support them in the world of “future of work.”

GREENVILLE, S.C. (September 23, 2020) ─ Base’s mission is to see every knowledge worker with access to an assistant. By giving free access to their platform, assistants now have the support they need to spend their time on scaling high-velocity growth for the business, putting upwards of 20% productivity back into their workweek. They have also launched a community to help assistants develop themselves professionally for the changing job market.

The days of solely managing calendars and coordinating calls are long gone. Recognizing the incredible value and strategic support assistants provide to executives, Paige McPheely founded Base, where she currently serves as CEO.

Base launched in 2019 out of High Alpha Venture Studio, with a $2.6M funding round led by Matchstick Ventures with participation from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, High Alpha Capital, and Slack Fund. To date, Base has seen tremendous growth and adoption, increasing their user base by 20% MoM with customers at companies like Upwork, Hubspot, and Superhuman.

When the team at Base first read the WSJ’s “The Vanishing Executive Assistant ,” they weren’t happy. “ We know how incredibly valuable assistants are to executives,” says Paige. “In the last year alone, my assistant Natalie helped me navigate our Seed Raise, company launch, our virtual summit Empower 2020, and so many more campaigns critical to pushing our business forward.

Instead of getting angry at this narrative that the assistant role is a thing of the past, we chose to double-down on what we’re creating at Base and support assistants like the heroes they are to the executives they support. We’re doing that through building an incredible product and challenging the outdated narrative of what a winning assistant actually looks like in today’s world.”

The misconception that the assistant role stops at note-taking and booking meetings is why there has been a complete lack of resources dedicated to them. “Assistants are the strategic arm to an executive,” Paige continues, “helping them navigate the impossible day to day puzzle that they have to manage: coordinating business-critical decisions, people, new initiatives (i.e., fundraising), the list goes on. To do this successfully, assistants are using upwards of 10 separate online tools that require their own system.”

Paige points out that managing these tools is yet another task for an assistant—none of these tools are a solution for the assistant.

When the pandemic hit, Paige and her team knew they had to go even further with supporting assistants in these trying times: “Today’s assistants must be able to deliver impact from anywhere, no matter how many executives they support or what their role looks like. They must help their executives drive their business forward—even from home.”

To help assistants work more effectively from anywhere, Base is thrilled to announce it now has a free version. “The future of work lies with the assistant, and it’s time they had a dedicated solution built for the incredible value they provide executives,” says Paige. “Today, assistants can use Base for free. We believe everyone should have access to an assistant, which means every assistant should have a solution to help them succeed.”

Tech leaders like Slack have also leaned into the future of work and the need for enhanced support for knowledge workers, recently launching their Future Forum. Per Slack’s The Remote Employee Experience Index, “Only 12% of knowledge workers say they intend to return to working exclusively from an office,” and “the biggest challenges include building relationships with colleagues, increased feelings of loneliness or isolation, and not being aware of what others are working on.” This affirms Base’s belief in the future of work being the need for support for all knowledge workers and doing so through the growing assistant role.

About Base HQ Inc:

Base HQ Inc founded in 2019 launched the first-ever platform built for assistants and the executives they support, all managed in a dedicated workspace where updates from the tens of tools assistants live in daily can be organized and distributed to executives in an elegant, efficient, and reliable way.

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