BarberWind Turbines Makes Wind Technology Soar

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Greenville inventor Jerry Barber holds more than 60 patents and has developed more than a dozen rides for amusement parks. Photo courtesy of BarberWind Turbines LLC.

Jerry Barber, CEO of BarberWind Turbines located in Greenville, SC, is poised to harness his position wind-turbine market expected to grow nearly 40% in the next half-dozen years.

Barber, an inventor who holds more than 60 patents, says he started working on redesigning turbines about nine years ago because their car-sized gearboxes break. His version doesn’t have a gearbox. That means his device, which is also roughly a third smaller than its three-bladed commercial cousin, is more economical, he says.

His wife, Tammy Barber, who is BarberWind Turbines LLC’s owner and chief operating officer, says the $1.6 million BWT800kW turbine generates electricity costing 2.3 cents per kilowatt-hour. Offshore wind can run as high as 8.9 cents per kWh, according to Lazard, a global financial advisory and asset-management company.

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