The Angel Investing Trifecta

Making money, having fun, and doing good are the hallmarks of investing in early-stage ventures.

Make money. Have fun. Do good.

Who wouldn’t like to do all three of those things? At once? While we can’t guarantee the outcomes, we certainly work as hard as we can to hit that trifecta as part of our efforts at the Upstate Carolina Angel Network (UCAN).

Last week we had two opportunities to do something we probably don’t do as often as we should: go back to basics and tell our story about good, fun, and money. We were honored to be invited to give an update to the Greater Greenville Forum on Monday, and we were delighted to host our first-ever Open House event on Wednesday at the Commerce Club. At both events, we provided an overview of our approach to angel investing and a reminder that there’s always an open invitation for new investors to join us.

So if we missed you at one of those events, here’s a quick recap of the three essential elements of our story.

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