Ahead in the Cloud

By April 13, 2017Local News

Immedion, Integral Solutions Group, Net3, and Servosity are among the Upstate companies reaching new heights in cloud services

Nearly every business is engaging in some form of cloud computing whether they think of it that way or not. Software as a service (SaaS) like Office 365, Dropbox, or even Gmail is all cloud-based applications. But at some point, your business will get more serious about the cloud — usually when you face the need to invest in infrastructure and the very expensive subsystems to support and maintain it. Then you’ll look to one of the hundreds of providers – from small resellers to large multifaceted full-service providers – here, or the large global providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Larger providers, like the four we are profiling here, are consistently innovating to support new services and new technologies, and, most importantly, protect the yottabytes of sensitive data their customers place in their control.

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