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An ancestral pathway has been identified that retraces the core biochemistry of life.

Greenville, South Carolina, Oct.12th, 2020-  Aconabolics, LLC, a Greenville-based chemical and diagnostics company, recently helped scientists turn back the clock on the origins of life. In an article in Nature Chemistry (one of the top scientific journals in the world) Aconabolics co-founders Trent Stubbs and Greg Springsteen describe a series of reactions that may have been an ancestor to a major component of life, called the Krebs Cycle. These discoveries have applications in better understanding how Life started on Earth, and where else in the Universe it may have emerged.

This discovery has also led to novel ways to make cancer diagnostics. Springsteen states, “cancer diagnostics are extremely expensive, often costing thousands of dollars for an amount less than a grain of sand. This new technology greatly expands the arsenal of compounds we can make at significantly reduced costs.” Recognizing the potential to help patients by commercializing this technology, Greg and Trent filed for an LLC in 2018 and submitted US non-provisional and PCT patent applications. Stubbs states “this research will dramatically change how scientists think about the origins of life, and how we can use nature’s tricks to build better diagnostic tools.”

In 2019, Aconabolics became a member of the NEXT VMS mentoring program based in Greenville, SC in order to enhance their business model and take their work to a global scientific marketplace. NEXT mentors provide unbiased conflict free, practical, and actionable advice on a personal and long – term basis striving for steady and measurable growth for their mentee businesses.

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