Because we spend so much of our time at work, our jobs make a big impact on our quality of life. If your job isn’t a good match with your skills, strengths, and personality, you may find yourself looking forward to the weekend . . . on Monday. Fortunately, there are many ways to recharge your career and bring new life to your workday. Here are four ideas to explore.

1. Tailor Your Job to Fit You Better

The simplest way to bring more satisfaction to your work is to adjust your role to your strengths. For example, if working with other people brings you energy but your existing role requires working alone the majority of the day, you could ask to shift some of your solo work for team-based work or customer-facing work. Many managers are open to reallocating responsibilities to better fit each team member’s strengths. Remember, there’s a benefit to the company when a team is working in their areas of strength.

If you’re unsure what your strengths are or what type of work would be more fulfilling for your personality type, take a Cliffton Strengths Finder test, try the DISC profile, or use a similar evaluation tool. 

2. Pursue a Different Role in Your Company

If your daily work is misaligned but your company culture is a good fit, you may want to explore a new role in your company to recharge your career. First, consider which jobs involve your skillset, strengths, and experience. For example, if you’re currently spending the majority of your day behind a computer creating marketing content, but your strengths center around working with people and you have organizational skills, you may be able to shift into event marketing. 

Talk to people in different departments to learn what their jobs involve, then create a list of your skills, experience, and strengths. Compare this list with the requirements of the jobs you’re interested in. You can use your connections within your company to get an introduction to the hiring manager responsible for the role you’re interested in.

3. Seek Out Your Existing Role at a Different Company

If you love the work you do, but your values and personality aren’t a good match with the company you work for, you may be happiest in the same role at a different company. Start by thinking about what you value and what your ideal day would look like. Do you enjoy being part of an energetic team that’s excited about what they’re accomplishing together? Is flexibility important to you? Do you value regular feedback? Once you have your list, you know what to look for in a new company. 

It’s often difficult to discern what a company is really like on the inside, so be sure to dig deep. Look at online reviews and connect with people who work at the company to ask questions. 

4. Shift to a New Career Path

In some cases, you may want to shift to a completely new career path. This route is the most challenging, but certainly possible. Again, write up a list of your skills, experience, and strengths, then create a list of careers that would involve them. Spend some time talking to people in careers of interest. Find out what educational and/or certification requirements are necessary to transition into the careers you’re considering. 

If you think creatively, you’ll find that your skills and experience may be more transferable than you initially realized. For example, if your current role involves serving a rare industry niche, a company will find your deep industry expertise valuable, even if you don’t have experience in the role. Use your network to get connected with people in the companies you’re interested in to explore your options.

There’s no one best route to a job that brings you energy and more fulfillment. Understanding your own personality, strengths, and values will help you determine the path to recharge your career that’s best for you.

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