4 reasons to launch your startup enterprise in Greenville

By February 22, 2017Local News, News

“Where’s Greenville?”

That was my reaction some two years ago, when my business partner called me up — practically shouting into my ear — that I “had to come see this place!” after spending a weekend exploring downtown.

“How great could it be?” I thought.

We had operated our mobile app development agency, Designli, for just about two years at that point and were going to be free agents after graduating from Ohio State University. With no corporate jobs telling us where to live, we were looking for somewhere to set up shop.

That was just about two years ago. In the brief period since then, we have discovered that Greenville is a small town with a booming tech hub and a perfect place to plant roots as the software ecosystem begins to thrive.

Although arriving here was a happy accident for our business, we now spread the word to anybody who will listen.

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